Sunday, June 7, 2009

Waffle Woes

Gracie loves waffles, so I've been looking for a waffle maker so we can make them instead of buying them. I got a $2 waffle maker when we went garage sale-ing Saturday. Of course it didn’t come with a manual, so I’ve been experimenting. I looked online, but all I found was that this brand is a very good brand. People have used them and found them reliable for decades or more. The one I have is old, but well maintained. I found a waffle recipe that calls for yogurt, which I have a lot of and need to use, so I tried that recipe today. It’s different than the one I used yesterday, which required a lot of batter to fill in the maker. I followed the same steps this time, filling it full. Whatever the difference in ingredients, this recipe floweth over. I cleaned that up and put less in next time. They taste delicious, but they aren’t crispy. I looked up crispy waffle recipes, and got some tips, but it’ll take a trip to the store. The yogurt included in the recipe used was So good, but no one’s going to want to eat them because they’re floppy. I’ll try to toast them before serving.
I also a recipe for puddingwiches – pudding and peanut butter and milk spread on graham crackers and frozen. Delicious. Of course, the only instant pudding I have is French vanilla, so you can imagine how the result looked, but still – yum.

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