Sunday, May 1, 2011

sex sells

I had youtube on during my conference Friday to listen to while I graded papers. I like to use the suggestions, see new stuff since I don't really listen to the radio and don't have cable. I clicked on Blake Shelton's "Who are you when I'm not lookin." Cute song. I've heard it before. It's not about sex. But boy howdy the video is. Sex or objectifying women, neither of which I generally have a problem with in the artistic sense, but this song isn't about that. It's a song about new love and wondering about that other person. But, really, we need to see the string of her underwear as she walks by the counter. And I get that some women really don't wear much to bed, but the tank top and panties with a robe is cliche to me. And the girl dancing around in her socks - really booty shorts? Couldn't have been regular or even short shorts? I'm irritated by it even now. IT'S NOT A SEXY SONG. Maybe that says more about me than Shelton or society, but bad move, dude.

Praying for my students who see unrealistic depictions of love and sex on TV with no role models at home to show them what's real.

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