Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little bags

I've been sewing and sewing. I saw this tutorial and wanted to try it.
I used some argyle-like brown fabric for the outside and a pretty yellow for the lining. I ended up taking out the lining because I'm not that great with my sewing machine and I couldn't get around it well. Instead of the fusable interfacing, I used the ironed grocery bags. They were fine. I didn't have a magnetic clasp and wasn't sure I could get it in either, so I didn't do that part. The bag was a little small for anything I had, so I tried again. I used the same pattern and made it larger for the next go round. I used a pretty fabric and the same yellow. I used a probably more primitive sewing technique here. I made a sandwich with the fabrics and fused grocery bags, pinned, pinned, pinned, then topstitched around, then made the box. It ended up being really cute. I need to find a clasp. It's a little big for my phone, which is what I wanted it for, but my camera fits in it fine. I might do more of these for gifts, once I figure out the clasp thing. I do really need a cute phone case.

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