Friday, May 13, 2011

What's for dinner?

During this more frugal time in our lives, I'm cooking a lot. I buy whatever chicken is $1/lb and bake it. Then I chop it up with miscellaneous frozen/fresh/canned vegetables, noodles, rice, etc.
I'll cook several meals at a time, then do like I do with my own lunches - put them in individual containers - some of them go into the freezer for later, most in the bottom of the fridge for Scott to eat and take in
his lunch. Of course, his portion sizes are bigger than mine, but the same principle applies. I use ramen noodles sometimes because Gracie likes them a lot. Scott doesn't like spicy, so the blander the better for both of them. It helps that he's not very picky. For myself, I use quinoa, all sorts of beans and veggies and chicken in a casserole of sorts. I freeze it in small containers and put them in the freezer to take to work with me.

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