Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My cheap self

Several projects I want to do call for fusible interfacing- something I am unfamiliar with and am not going to spend money on. I saw a tutorial for fusing plastic grocery bags here a few months ago, and I did a few, but didn't have a use for them. Now I have a sort-of use for them. I used them in linings for a mother's day project. I think I'll be able to use them for other things as well. The possibilities are there!
This is the first step. I cut the handles and bottom off the plastic bag to make it a square.

I put the plastic rectangle between 2 sheets of regular paper. The iron was on a rayon/cotton setting. You just move it around, then flip it over and do the other side. Be sure to get the edges. I just did the small size because that was the size of my paper and I didn't want to mess up my iron. The tutorial says that 8 layers is the best. I haven't tried anything else to say.

After it cools, you can cut it to any size you need. You can sew it just like fabric- by hand or on a machine. I used it as a lining. It wasn't thick or rigid, but it works.

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