Monday, May 9, 2011

Homemade yogurt

I found this tutorial (recipe) for making homemade yogurt a few weeks ago. I made it. It didn't turn out well. I guess maybe I didn't leave it long enough or something. It was too runny. This time I used whole milk and left it longer and it turned out perfectly. I was so excited when I uncovered the pot and scooped up the yummy goodness. Unfortunately I couldn't find my camera, so there are no pictures. I used a strainer and coffee filters to drain off the extra whey. I'm freezing it now because I know it has good protein. I may use it next time I make protein bars.
The yogurt now is Greek yogurt consistency. Oh how I love Greek yogurt - let me count the ways.
1). Greek yogurt has no added sugar.
2). Greek yogurt makes a great base to add almost anything to. I love to add sf syrups and splenda or sf jello or pudding. The last few days I've added some sf lemon pudding for my lunch dessert and it's yummy!
3). In it's unflavored state, it can be used as sour cream. We've been having chicken taco stuff and Scott and I both use it as a garnish. Very versatile.

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