Monday, July 11, 2011


I finished the Wisteria Fairy, so I've given myself permission to begin other things. I started 3 cross stitch projects that I'm going to rotate around.

I'm starting this poinsetta - very pretty and pretty complex, so it might take awhile to finish. But nice!

There's a set of 3 flowers I'm going to do for my kitchen (I think). They're beautiful and not that
complex, so I'm hoping to finish at least 2 of them before the end of the year.

I'm also doing smaller Christmas ornaments to finish up as gifts for people. I found a deal site called Heartsy. I got $5 for signing up, then used that $5 plus $5 to buy a $28 gift card for an etsy store, then bought a set of cards for a gift for someone either for birthday or Christmas. Not bad. I generally find etsy expensive - more than I would generally pay for gifts, especially with shipping, but I'm becoming more open to the concept. Handmade things are so unique to give as gifts!

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