Sunday, July 10, 2011


The sermon today in church was about the parable of the seeds, how we can be different types of soil based on what's going on in our lives, etc. Pastor was out of town, so it was read by an elder. It was ok. A new look for me at a familiar parable. SS was horrible. I need Bible study, not whatever they were doing. I finally finished reading in Joshua, which is where I am in my (not-so) daily Bible readings, but I read ahead and will be able to get through that quickly. I skipped over Judges because we've done that in young adult Bible class, but I'll go through the devotions with it. I received the daily reading Bible as a gift in Sioux Falls 4 years ago and it was supposed to take 2 years to do and I didn't do it. I have been making more progress, but I need to get into the habit and keep it. It's a great little devotion time, I am just lazy.
Anyway, also during SS today I read through Ruth and the commentary with my Bible and saw it in a new way. I never noticed Boaz' care and actions. Though I do wonder why he wasn't already married. Or was he and Ruth became his newest wife? That's not clear to me. But I do see how God took care of Ruth and Naomi through the people around them.  

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