Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mixed bag

Well it's been a mixed few days. Yesterday I checked our bank balance and noticed an unauthorized transaction for $500 to paypal. Needless to say I panicked a little. The timing on it was such a blessing, the more I think about it. That that much money was still in the bank was one blessing. I called paypal and my account was accessed from California to make the transaction, but it takes several days to go through, plus the holiday, so I couldn't cancel it, but I could and did change my password for the account so that the person who accessed it couldn't reaccess it. So today I just waited until the $ showed up in the paypal account, then transferred it back. Again, it will take several days, but I'll unattach the bank account after that. So - really, the timing was definitely God working for our good. I contacted our bank and some fees were waived. I'm going to wait until the transaction is completed and request more of the fees refunded because they charged a fee to transfer $ from our savings (and blessings that there was money there to move) and then there was an overdraft. But Scott got paid today, so really it wasn't the complete disastrous headache it could have been.
So that was yesterday. Today we met my sister and mom for lunch, then we went shopping around. They took Gracie home with them and I was able to meet some of my teacher friends for a few drinks and lunch. It was very nice. Then I got my eyebrows waxed and went home. To a cool house, but about 30 mins after I got home, it started heating up again. So I'm @ my parents' house with Gracie until the ac ppl come again. Hopefully it's part of the same problem and we don't have to pay another $60, but it seems like we always have to have the ac ppl out twice. They'll fix it, then it will break again. It happened for sure before Gracie was born and then right after. And it's happened at least once since then.
I've got some anxiety. There's a leak under the bathroom sink that Scott hasn't been able to fix, and I'm worried it's going to ruin the wood in the vanity. Before Gracie's bday party @ our house. And there's lots of cleaning to do the week after next. That I can't do anything about now. And some stuff around the house for Scott to fix. Generalized anxiety. I need to let it go. Trust God to take care of it and take care of us, like He always does and always has. I'm lifting it to him and letting it go. Amen.

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