Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fall garden

I'm toying with the idea of a fall garden. I would love to be able to have some cucumbers and squash and peppers this fall. It'll be hot for so long, we might as well. I'm just so lazy about watering, though. This week I planted some flower seeds and some pea seeds just to see what happens. I've been watering them every morning this week and sending Scott and Gracie out in the evenings to water.

I guess I'm more than toying with the idea because I've already mentioned it to Grace and I bought a
little garden book (on clearance @ Hobby Lobby) to record our attempts in.

These are our potential garden spaces. This little patch on the side of the house by the driveway. It gets some good sun.

This is the back yard flower bed. It has the 2 rose bushes (one massive pretty pink and a smaller white climber) and some purple rheo (that's what I'm calling it). I planted some pea seeds in the back, but will they grow? Were they still any good? Unsure. Those stinking purple plants have been alive since college and the roses are old roses from the Antique Rose Emporium.

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