Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday shirt

I'm not a real Type - A personality about most things. Age has mellowed me and I'm lazy anyhow. There are some things I've always done for Gracie's birthday. I always make her a birthday announcement with pictures and a cute saying rhyming with her age.
"How time flies while you're having fun, Gracie _ is turning one"
"Hey everybody, guess what's new, Gracie _ is turning two"
"Just as wild as she can be, Gracie _ is turning three"
"Dancing diva  and so much more, Gracie _ is turning four"
"Growing up and hitting her stride, Gracie _ is turning five"
Another thing I always do is make her a birthday shirt. I'm hoping to make her a memory quilt someday and use them in there. This year's shirt has not gone so well. Her theme is Strawberry Shortcake, so I ordered a cute little SS ballerina iron-on from ebay.  I finally got around to starting it a few days ago. I've used iron ons before. I'm a bright girl. There were directions. The directions would have put the iron-on backwards, so I did it differently.

This is what is should have looked like.

This is what it  ended up looking like. The iron was messed up as well. I should have just followed the directions and had a backwards girl. Though I think the directions were wrong as well. So I hopped back on ebay to get another, different iron-on because MY  BABY HAS TO HAVE A STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE BIRTHDAY SHIRT.  But I'm thrifty and didn't want to waste even more money on another shirt too, so I'm trying to "fix" it.  

I used red paint to outline a rather unfortunate strawberry on top of the ruined iron on.

Then I filled it in and let it dry.

The I added the big 5. I'll add her name and other things tomorrow, then the new iron on to the back when it gets here. It will be ok. Not perfect or professional, but ok.

The other thing I usually do is make her birthday cake. I like to make it look nice. But my mother volunteered to pay for a "real" cake from a bakery, so that's what we'll get. I'm dealing. It will be great. Save me time and stress. BUT NOT FROM MY LOVING HANDS! FROM MY BRAIN! MY CREATIVITY!  Dealing. Right here. Dealing.      For her :)

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  1. Awe...that's got to be frustrating. I do like your fix though. Hope she has a great day!