Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My mother volunteered me to do music at her church's VBS, which my mother is helping to plan. That in itself is somewhat of a miracle, one I've been praying for. Those prayers have absolutely come true - she's involved in her church's ladies group, she's in a Bible study and she's helping with this. Answers to my prayers for her. Absolutely. BUT I don't sing, I don't really play piano and I've never, ever led anyone (except Gracie) in song, ever. But I've been thinking about it - thinking back on all of the fun VBS songs we learned - Father Abraham, Praise Ye the Lord, a few others I've learned lately. And I'm a little excited. They don't know how many kids there will be, but that won't matter. Just when you think you've got a comfy place all set up for you, God pushes you out toward the edge. Pray for me; I'll need it.    

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