Friday, July 22, 2011

Quilting class

I had signed up for a quilting class at Christmas and it got put off several times. It finally made on Sunday. It was a t-shirt block class. I wish it had taken place 2 weeks before. By Sunday, I had already begun making this quilt for Gracie, so I actually was telling the instructor the best way to do somethings. I did learn about fusible interfacing, which I hadn't used before and should have used for this quilt. I've taken several classes from Jo-Ann's and learned something useful from each one. I took a beginning sewing class and it was really informative. The beginning crochet class was good, but I had already learned a lot of those things. The scarf class was good. The first quilting class I took was ok. I learned how to cut fabric and other things. The actual block was horribly hard, but the process was informative.  

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