Friday, July 15, 2011


 As I was looking for ideas for Gracie's party, I found some pinwheel tutorials. Sweet!
Years ago I bought a calendar of origami papers and instructions. Sadly, origami and I were not meant to be. So they've been languishing in my desk drawer, just waiting for a use. I dug them out and, during the last few days of school (review days - the only time I get bored in school), I glued them together, picking coordinating colors (with some help from my students).

I had some dowel rods and thought I was set. So I begun this week. There were some setbacks.
The deal with pin wheels is that they need to wheel. My first few attempts didn't wheel. I was using hot glue and a hole punch and brads. Not good.
Wheels of many colors.
I finally ended up using a straight pin through the center. I'm going to get some pencils (always good party favors) and pin them through the erasers. I have to laugh thinking about the process though. I'm a bright girl. Pin wheels should wheel.  
I put a glob of glue to attach the pin to the dowel rod.

Ones that didn't wheel.

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